As a member of PGE Group we partner in the innovation transfer between startups and the corporation

Start working with us

PGE Accelerator is a partner for the creators of innovations, who are being actively sought by us and we establish relations.  We take advantage of the immense potential of the start-ups. We open PGE onto the solutions from the outside, and our objective is business cooperation with the start-ups that leads to the appearance of innovative products and services. This is what we can offer to you.

jakich projektów szukamy

What kind of projects are we looking for?

  • Projects with a potential for implementation in PGE Group and which are at least the prototypes ready for pilot/trial operation
  • Projects showing advantage in comparison to the solutions available on the market
  • Projects developed by strong teams having technological and business competence

What can we offer to you?

  • Testing your project in one of our companies in the PGE Group
  • Support from the mentors and experts for the team
  • Facilitated access to subsequent financing and/or provision of a chance of the solution purchase by PGE

Let’s accelerate together!

  • Notification of the project
  • Technological expert evaluation
  • Invitation for cooperation that starts from the pre-acceleration (project tailoring to the market needs and requirements), then entering the acceleration phase (test and pilot operation in PGE environment)
  • An opportunity for continued cooperation following the pilot phase completion

What we support

Our chief interests are the solutions closely associated with power engineering sector, but we are also open for cooperation within other technological-business areas.

Our priority are the innovative solutions in the fields which could be matched to the PGE Group value chain as shown below in a simplified manner:

Mining –> Production (conventional and from renewable sources) –> Distribution -> Sales

Organisational  improvements